by Cyril.

Or can I say introduction ?

Welcome in my Blog.

Well, like everyone, I try the Blog phenomenon. But this blog will have a special use. It will be more for me than for you, because in this blog, I'm going to talk about my projects, my ideas, everything I can use, or work on when I'll have the time. It's more a memo than a real blog. But you're allowed to visit (sure !) and comment.
Comment about my ideas ("Eyh, your idea suck" ... yep !), my point of view, etc.

In the Unix/Linux category, I will try to list everything makes Linux so hard to understand from a Windows User, and which thing can be performed. I will also try to develop some applications (maybe! why not ?) to simplify a Linux user's life :p

In development, I will talk about what I made, what I would like to create, some tricks, some optimisation code, etc :)

In the General section, my life :p (maybe the tiny part of this weblog !)

And oh ! you realize ? I'm speaking English (yep I'm french!...). It's for two principal reason : Improve my english, and be more international (because computer is !)

So ! It's the end of my first post ! See you soon ! :)